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Feb 21, 2017

Simon CEO Shares Secrets to Retail Success

MIAMI—“There was no liquidity in the market. We weren’t public. I spent the first few years doing stabilization. We... Read More

One Major Commercial Real Estate Concern for 2017 caught up with Kurt M. Westfield, director of investment at WC Companies, to get his thoughts. Read More

Middle-Market Digest

Middle Market Digest: This Week in the Southeast

ATLANTA—Here’s a look at the trends, announcements and deals you may have missed early this week in Georgia, Louisiana,... Read More

Why So Many 1031 Investors Are Emerging

SAN DIEGO—Just like home buyers look to level up, we’re also seeing a bit more fluidity in typically middle-market groups... Read More

Challenges Community Business Banks Face

COSTA MESA, CA—A lot of the challenges facing community business banks—or all banks, for that matter—hinge on the interests... Read More

Event Coverage

Economic Tide Floats CRE Property Boats

SAN DIEGO—MBA’s Jamie Woodwell said at the MBA CREF 2017 convention on Sunday that he seen some “tremendous numbers”... Read More


Freddie Mac’s Top Regional, Product Lenders In 2016

McLEAN, VA--"The multifamily market is expected to grow between 5% to 10% [in 2017] and we expect to grow with the market.” Read More

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